Anatomy of a Wild Fire


Raging gale-force southeast winds inflame an already incandescent wildfire. It’s advancing, marching over the landscape like a burning hurricane. A fire-storm is raging in the dry, incendiary bush -flames devouring everything on its course, smoke and ash billowing for miles. And it’s moving at an almighty pace.

All in its path must get out of the way –fast. Reserves, farmlands, rural areas, townships and the city lie in its path. Yet some will face the dragon, some will take on this seemingly insurmountable inferno. And this happens every summer.

Fire mesmerizes us, it terrifies us and it unites us. It costs our countries billions and the prospect of a lost home, farmland or wilderness is daunting to all in its path.

In the 3 x 1-hour documentary specials of Anatomy of a Wildfire we speak to those worldwide that are fascinated by fire and all its natural dynamics. We captivate the heroes, villains, sleuths, conservationists, victims, judges and juries in all of us. But most importantly – we discover unexpected facts about fire that will completely surprise and fascinate.