Meet Boost Collective’s new Managing Director, Anita Rowland

Taking on the role as Managing Director of Boost Collective has been a whirlwind of adventure for Anita Rowland. Her years of experience as an executive producer at Okuhle Media is the foundation needed to set her sails high in this new role. She shares her thoughts on her journey below.


Having been with Okuhle Media since its early days, how has it been to watch the company evolve through the years?

Okuhle Media really is a mixing pot of people who arrive at work every day to bust out with their own brand of creativity and use their multiple skill sets to create fantastic content!  Something powerful happens when a group of diverse people start to think, dream and create with a unified vision. I’ve seen Okuhle Media grow from a handful of people in an old house in Woodstock, to a fully-fledged media company in our bigger building in Observatory.

You were previously an Executive Producer at Boost Collective. What are some of the things that you are excited about to be taking on in your new role?

Okuhle Media has always worked closely with our clients to understand their company, their goals, their staff and, most importantly, their audience. We understood from the get go that an audiovisual tool or one-on-one marketing campaign that communicates a beautifully crafted, compelling story has the power to captivate, entertain, influence, educate and entice a target audience to respond to the message with a tangible action.

Boost Collective, the content marketing subsidiary of Okuhle Media, and the exciting venture that I’m now involved in, literally sprouted from a two man show a few short years ago into an epic story telling content agency. It’s gratifying to grow organically, love what you do, make an impact on the audience of your clients and to have fun while you are doing it!

Okuhle Media is constantly growing, as the Managing Director of Boost Collective, how do you plan to maintain the true essence of the brand through all the upcoming changes?

I believe that if we’re going to succeed in the long term, we must be intentional about pursuing our purpose – that thing that makes us tick, personally and for the Boost Collective business. We must remain passionate about telling stories that engage the heart and the mind of the audiences of our clients. We must be authentically living out our own individual stories.

And as long as we’re intentional about supporting each other as a kick ass team and passionate to work with our creativity and skills to tell powerful stories,  we’re going to have the best time growing this young business into something great! We are makers of great things after all.


Anita Rowland takes over from Paula Brown, former CEO and Managing Director of Boost Collective.