They don’t call it one of the biggest week in television for nothing! With over 10 000 TV heavy-weights from 102 countries in attendance, the 2018 MIPTV Conference in Cannes, France was the international television event of the year. And Okuhle Media’s Managing Director, Louise McClelland, and Head of Creative Development, Grant Flynn were there to absorb, network, and – most importantly – create buzz around the company’s exciting new shows.


Armed with a selection of 13 productions at various stages of development – including highly-anticipated travel cooking shows “Neil Anthony at The Captain’s Table” and “Sarah Graham’s Eat. Cook. Travel: Mauritius” – Louise and Grant met with industry giants, like Sony, Warner Bros, Blue Ant, Freemantle, and ITV, to talk distribution and broadcasting. “We got such overwhelmingly positive feedback on the projects we pitched,” says Louise. “We definitely met all the objectives we had set for ourselves and are super excited about the future of a number of the shows.”

This international interest is also a pat on the back for the months of hard work that went into creating the shows and perfecting their format. “A lot of the projects we presented are new-concept shows,” explains Grant, whose team is in charge of creating content. “We’ve worked on some of the shows as long as 6 months. So we’re really proud of how well they were received.”



However, getting the world to fall in love with Okuhle’s new projects wasn’t the only thing the duo had on their to-do list for MIPTV 2018. Being able to see what is trending on TV screens around the world is part of the appeal of attending the conference, which made going to the event’s “Fresh TV” session a must. “We look forward to it every year,” says Louise, “because it’s just so inspiring and fun. In just one hour you get a snapshot of what is fresh in the TV world and which types of shows are successful. It also helps us, as producers, know which shows to go out and find.”



This year’s conference once again showed the increased popularity of social experiment content, especially in the UK and Europe. And it’s a genre of TV that Grant and Louise are keen to explore more in the future. But creating a hit show requires more than just following a trend. “No matter what genre of content people are producing or developing, the entertainment factor needs to be quite strong,” says Grant. “You have to be able to capture your audience’s attention and keep it. That’s what MIPTV 2018 really highlighted for me.”