Experiential marketing, like everything else in our lives has evolved. It is no longer simply a  below, above or through-the-line solution.  There are many forms of marketing including the ever present and crucially important Digital Marketing but today, Boost is talking experiential marketing.

The most recent such programme, was the Blue Ribbon Taste of Summer campaign this past December and January. This traditional Experiential marketing campaign had audiences Spinning to win prizes in the informal trade across 7 of SA’s 9 provinces, driving sales,  raising awareness and taking the time to have fun with the people who for more than 130 years have been eating this bread.

Another form of experiential marketing that Boost has been entrenched in since the inception of our mother-ship, Okuhle Media, is School Programmes.  These bring value to entire communities by telling curriculum-based ‘stories’ to classrooms on behalf of responsible brands.  Hosted by professional artists or performers, Boost, in conjunction with education specialists create and present content that directly adds value to the learner’s end of year results.

Today’s Experiential Marketing no longer simply talks to the traditional customer or client, the purchaser of our goods or services.

Boost has had the privilege of working with progressive thinking, culture-oriented companies who wish to communicate with their most important customer, their employees.  The customer that has the most influence yet, seldom, if ever, buys the company’s product or services.

The challenge for these clients is they’ve found that the old class-room style, formula of training no longer serves them. In this day and age, they see the importance of authentically engaging the hearts, minds and intellect of their employees, with the aim of building toward both mindset and behaviour change.

Meet the Boost Collective Team

This may sound more like a change management brief than a marketing campaign, yet it inadvertently seeks for us to do what marketing needs to do in order to achieve its mandate:  Make people laugh, cry, scream with joy, sell, buy, learn, dance, vote, labour and love.

Boost Collective create first-hand interactive experiences where bonding can occure between a brand and a human being.  The experience is memorable and has been shown to generates a powerful mind and behaviour shift.

How an experiential programme for change management looks at Boost Collective:

  • For a start, it places the audience first.
  • It places all the energy into understanding the target audience and providing a safe space for all to engage and share their stories.
  • The content is often created, right there, in the room, although guided by sound psychological theories, coaching, and communications techniques.
  • Most importantly, it’s about talking to our audience in their own language.Their mother tongue. There can be no shot-gun approach here.


What’s magical about Experiential is, that when you get the formula right

  • know your audience
  • speak their language
  • engage
  • tell a story
  • be authentic
  • be entertaining

Your audience actively participates and often becomes the story. Like traditional Experiential marketing, Boost bring theatre, poetry, dance, games, humour and of course music into the mix.