Each year the DISCOP Market comes around and turns the television industry on its heels where more than 500 television, film and media industry content creators convene for an exciting three day market in Johannesburg. There has been a great deal of anticipation leading`up to the conference, here’s why it’s worth all the hype.



The NEXT GEN program is focused on development of dynamic animation features in Sub-Saharan Africa. According to ScreenAfrica.com, the program is ‘designed to help independent production companies achieve their full potential, NEXT GEN is specifically tailored to meet the demand of a rapidly changing audio-visual landscape under the influence of a marked preference for home-grown content, the emergence of local talents, viewers’ migration to on-demand streaming and mobile screens, increased mobility and faster internet.’


Africa’s thriving animation industry calls for access and collaboration in the ever-evolving entertainment sphere. The African Animation Network  has partnered with DISCOP to create a platform where key content producers can learn and create with experienced animators to bring about a new wave of integrative content features that will grab the attention of viewers across the world.

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“This year’s NEXT GEN agenda is a ‘must attend’ event that will once again create value and opportunities for independent producers attending DISCOP Johannesburg,” says Tim Mangwedi, DISCOP’s director for Sub-Saharan Africa, who continues, “As a platform focused on content business, our mandate is to help future generations of creators weigh their options, measure the challenges that lie ahead of them, and assess the risk landscape.”


Registration for DISCOP Johannesburg is still open. You can register HERE  at the following rates:


  • Non-exhibiting Seller $1000
  • Producer $250
  • Buyer $250
  • Visitor $400



For more information, visit www.discop.com